Roasted Pork Loin

Grandma’s Recipe to you!
“This is the secret recipe from my grandmother.  It is the most popular recipe in Puerto Rico for Christmas.  I myself usually like more, the pork loin than the Lechón, because it is a leaner cut; evnen though Puerto Ricans love “el cuerito” (the rind) from the Lechón” -    Chef Rafael

Ingredients                        Amount
Pork [...]

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A Successful Opening Forces Latinicity to Shut Down!
Latinicity has certainly gotten the attention of many Chicagoans and visitors in general.   Alike Eataly when it first opened to the public, Latinicity has been a huge success and perhaps overwhelmed with with the influx of customers.  When Eataly first opened its doors, it was visited by over [...]

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Simplicity At Its Best!
Rated the second best new restaurant in Chicago by Chicago Magazine, Parachute is a new addition to Korean Cuisine in Chicago.  It is considered by its owners a small independent 40-seat restaurant serving globally inspired cuisine. Yet it’s seen as a modern and creative Korean American, Jean Banchet Award-winning regale!
The menu is [...]

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Pavo en Fricase

Pavo En Fricase
Here is another scrumptious recipe by Chef Rafael!  Typically prepared by Cuban and Puerto Rican families, this is a rich and savory dish to quell hunger in the most humble way!  Enjoy!
1 whole turkey (cut into large pieces)
For marinate
1 cup red wine
½ cup lemon juice
½ cup red wine vinegar
3 cups vegetable oil
¼ black [...]

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A Dominican Republic Favorite! 
Mangu is one of the recipes most popular in Republica Dominicana, they make this recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4 Green plantains
2oz of butter
1oz of oil
2 large red onions  (sliced)
1oz  of vinegar
1 cup of cold water
salt to taste

Before Starting to Cook:
Peel and cut the plantains into 8 pieces.

Boil the plantains [...]

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Gourmet Mexican in Wicker Park
Onother great addition to the Wicker Park neighborhood.  Named after the Hopi god of fertility and mischief, it serves elaborate tacos with grilled octopus and roasted Anaheim chili stuffed with marinated shrimp, along with ceviche and salsas. The drink menu offers sangria, margaritas and more novel cocktails along with Mexican beers, [...]

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Ropa Vieja

Dirty Clothes or Dirty Laundry; A Must Try!
Ropa vieja means “old clothes” in Spanish.  Despite a myriad of versions about its origin, this is a Cuban beef stew that goes well over white rice and amarillos (ripe plantain).  The meat needs to be cooked and shredded before making the stew.
Steak Preparation
•    2 pounds flank steak
•   [...]

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Mexican Pozole by Chef Rafael! 
Pozole is a traditional hearty Mexican stew made usually with pork or chicken, and hominy.  It can be made either red or green depending of the color of the “chiles” for the soup base. This is a broth that is served on especial occasions normally, but then again, you can make [...]

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Harmony Restaurant

A Hdden Jewel in Garfield Ridge! 
We had a taste for something different.  That’s what we had agreed on.  As we drove from a networking party, we weren’t that satisfied with the appetizers they had served us.
We drove by Mexican restaurants, fast-food places, etc.  but didn’t get the urge to stop at any one of these.  [...]

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MFK-Fisher To Be Exact! 
As a seafood lover, I have gone days eating oysters and clams for a week straight!  Fresh seafood can’t be substituted. An aficionado of Spanish Cuisine, I have enjoyed dining in just about every Tapas bar-restaurant in Chicago.  I truly love the taste of simplicity, yet sophisticated flavors.  When you look up [...]

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