Frightmare Is Here In Your Own Back Yard!
How daring are you?  Try your courage if you dare at the Frightmare on Harlem Street!  Enjoy getting the goblins scared out of you at the Frightmare Haunted House at the Haunted Trails Family Amusement Park.  This time there are no more excuses for not going.  It is [...]

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La Partida Movie Screening

[ September 29, 2015; ] In this romantic and sexually-charged drama, Reiner and Yosvani are best friends and soccer mates. In order to support his mother, wife and baby, Reiner prostitutes himself to older male foreigners while the shy Yosvani is reluctantly engaged to a girl. Sharing a kiss at a nightclub, the two men succumb to their desires, followed by a lusty roof top encounter where they quickly fall hard for one another. But as their love intensifies, they will have to face unforgiving world they live in.

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4th Annual Mariachi & Tequila Festival 2015

[ October 3, 2015; ] Pioneers of the Mariachi movement in Chicago, has produced an amazing event for the past 3 years showcasing various talented mariachis, renowned Mariachi singers and exceptional tequila. This year we are proud to present Graciela Beltrán and Alberto Angel “El Cuervo”!

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Marc Anthony and Carlos Vives

[ September 25, 2015; ] In the UNIDO2 tour, Anthony and Vives will perform together in 11 markets of the United States, where fans will be treated to the artists biggest hits!.

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Hispanic Holiday Season Event at the Adler

[ December 20, 2014; ] The celebration will include served H’orderves, open bar, live entertainment and music with the BEST views of the Chicago skyline. Some of the largest Hispanic organizations in the Chicagoland area have gathered together to bring you a night of great networking and celebrating our accomplishments.

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Fake or Real Journalism?
Jon Stewart has been attacking real issues since he has been on the air since 1996, predating the Colbert Report, which also satires real issues, Stewart is known for his keen political insight and political liberal views.  His humor and political satire have  captivated his audience and has gained popularity and [...]

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