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If traveling by car this year instead of flying, we recommend Sonoma California.  The trip from Chicago is about 2,112.5 miles, which would take you approximately 1 day and 9 hours.  However, if you take your time to see the beautiful landscapes, it might take a little more than that.  It is a straight shot down 1-80 all the way to wine tasting territory.

Good soils, temperate climate, and abundant food and water attracted indigenous peoples to the Sonoma Valley for at least 12,000 years before Spanish missionaries settled in the early 19th century. As many as 5,000 Native Americans lived in what is now Sonoma County at any one time.

Sonoma is not only one of the world’s finest grape-growing regions and visitor destinations, but a great place to live and work year-round. With San Francisco only an hour away, Sonoma blends a friendly small-town atmosphere with the entrepreneurial culture of the Bay Area.  Wine and tourism are our most well-known industries, but they’re also home to a diverse economy that includes an array of creative professionals, health services, green businesses, specialty food producers, and start-ups of all kinds.

With a mix of chic hotels, creative chefs, and stylish boutiques, Sonoma California, has emerged as a cosmopolitan hub that still pays homage to its rural roots. For a scenic drive through hillside vineyards and wineries, head west out of town on Dry Creek Road. Double back when you hit Lake Sonoma and return south on Yoakim Bridge Road, to link up with the winding West Dry Creek Road, peppered with a handful of small family-owned wineries.

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