El Valor

El Valor is a non-profit community-based organization founded in 1973 by the late Guadalupe A. Reyes. A visionary leader and mother, Mrs. Reyes dreamed of a community in which all members, including her son with special needs, could live, learn and work. She and several others took out a small bank loan and borrowed a [...]

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Where Will It Be This Summer?

What To Bring With You!
Your standard packing checklist will only get you so far. From theme parks to weekend getaways to cruising, we’ll show you what specific items to pack—and what to leave at home—for eight common vacation types. Sunscreen? Check. Extra socks? Double-check. There are some things you’ll never forget to pack, whether you’re [...]

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Visit Sonoma California

Travel at Home and Appriciate What We Have!
If traveling by car this year instead of flying, we recommend Sonoma California.  The trip from Chicago is about 2,112.5 miles, which would take you approximately 1 day and 9 hours.  However, if you take your time to see the beautiful landscapes, it might take a little more [...]

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The Purple Pig

An talian, Spanish, French Melange (Mix)
What happens when you mix a great ensemble like Banno Sr., Banno Jr., Harris, and Mantuano?  Great New Orleans, Mediterranean style, Latin and Spanish type cooking, with an authentic Italian touch!  That is the best we’ll do in describing The Purple Pig!  A new concept of culinary art in Chicago, which offers [...]

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Girl & the Goat

Not So New, but New Restaurant!
This restaurant is not so new anymore, since it has been around the west loop area since 2010.  However, the concept is wonderfully new and very down to earth.  The menu is divided, as they put it, in three main areas:  Vegetable, fish, and meat!  How much more straightforward and [...]

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Network After Work

[ July 10, 2012; 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. ] Network and Create Opportunities

Join Network After Work on Tuesday July 10th at Estate Ultra Bar (1177 Elston Ave.) from 6-9pm.  Network After Work events are for professionals of all industries and career levels interested in expanding their professional network. Events take place monthly, which allows guests a chance to foster new professional connections, in a [...]

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