Casa Central

Our Mission

Casa Central transforms lives and strengthens communities with a special focus on Hispanics. Our network of services propels a diverse population of all ages toward self-sufficiency and a higher quality of life.

Our Impact

Casa Central aims to build a strong community, one family at a time, across life stages and generations. To meet this challenge, yearly:

We inspire lifelong learning among children and youth.

  • 500 children ages 2-5 prepare for kindergarten in our Head Start groups.
  • 175 children participate in our after-school enrichment activities in our School Age Program.
  • 100 teens participate in positive development activities at Youth Opportunities Unlimited.

We provide safety and foster self-reliance for individuals and families.

  • 70 homeless families receive housing and support services at La Posada, on their way to permanent housing.
  • 65 individuals train and study to become certified nurses’ assistants in our Early Intervention program.
  • 500 victims of domestic abuse receive counseling and support through our Violence Prevention Initiative.
  • 800 community residents gain access to the Internet as they learn to use computers at our Community Technology Center.

We promote active, healthy lifestyles for seniors.

  • 150 seniors meet at our Adult Wellness Center,where they socialize, participate in field trips and enjoy many stimulating activities.
  • 1,500 home-bound seniors receive visits from our Home Care aides, who provide basic assistance.

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